League Statement: Northwich Victoria

By Tom Snee

The league has been in regular contact with Northwich Victoria FC over the summer regarding security of tenure at the Victoria Stadium. All NPL member clubs must fulfil the conditions laid down in the FA’s Step 1 to 4 Criteria Document as a condition of membership.

The FA’s requirement is that any club operating at steps 1 to 4, and not owning its ground must have a valid lease or licence permitting that club to play at a ground compliant with the minimum standard for that step, for the duration of the coming season. If a club does not own its ground or have a valid lease or licence in place, it must put in place a ground share agreement ratified by the league by no later than 31st May prior to the season concerned.

Northwich Victoria submitted a ground share agreement with Witton Albion FC that was ratified by the league on 30th May 2011.

The league met with officials of Northwich Victoria FC on 29th July, subsequent to which a deadline was set for the club to provide documentary proof that the required security of tenure was in place. Neither this, nor a subsequent deadline was met.

As a result the club was instructed to play its first scheduled home fixture of the 2011/12 season against Kendal Town on 16th August at Witton Albion FC. The club refused to do so and was subsequently charged under rule 8.6 for failing to fulfil a fixture.

This charge was heard at a meeting on 8th September, when Northwich Victoria FC was found guilty and fined the sum of £1500 with £1000 of the amount suspended.

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