‘The first club in England’ - The story of 1874 Northwich

A new book documenting the history of 1874 Northwich is now available to buy.

Now in the Northern Premier League West Division, the book stories the journey behind the formation of 1874 and the context before it.

It is available to buy online or at the upcoming home game against Vauxhall Motors.

The cost of the book is £13.50, plus £4.25 postage and packaging (UK only).

1874 Northwich book

1874 Northwich book

For this, you will receive a professionally ‘perfect’ bound book with a full colour, gloss-laminate front and back cover, which is 208 pages in length and contains the following articles/features:

* The First Club in England? – An explanation as to the title of the book
* In the Beginning – The story behind the formation of 1874
* Season by Season Records – Detailed narratives of each season along with
* match details (opposition, venue, result, half and full-time score, scorers,
* attendance and competition), end of season table and selected B&W photos
* The Great Games – reviews of the most memorable games in 74’s history
* (again including selected B&W photos)
* The Pick of the Bunch – biographies of 32 of 74’s most influential players,
* some with accompanying B&W photos
* Heritage numbers – a list of all the players who have played a competitive
* game for ’74 in chronological order
* The Legends Reprise – A recollection of ‘The Legends’ Day held in April 2023
* The Men at the Top — Commentaries from Ian Street, Paul Bowyer and
* Wayne Goodison regarding their tenure(s) in the ’74 hot-seat
* Captains Log – Matt Woolley thoughts on his 10 years with ‘74
* An 8 page colour photo section- featuring match action, pictorial memories
* from the last decade and a few faces that we may recognise!
* A whole host of 1874 stats including full details of all league and cup matches,
* attendances, appearances, goals, first own goals (for and against!) etc…
* Andy’s Angle – A 10 year retrospective by Andy Simpson
* Stop Press
* Last Words

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